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news kabbalah , laitman

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Scoop: A-Rod, Madonna Share Kabbalah Adviser
NBC 11.com - San Francisco,CA,USA
Madonna and Alex Rodriguez might be distancing themselves from each other, but their common interest in Kabbalah is only growing stronger. ...
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America's Got Talent 3: Episode 9 Recap
BuddyTV - Seattle,WA,USA
... the weird video where Britney gets chased by paparazzi and kind of kills herself in the bathtub, but it's not blood you guys, just a Kabbalah bracelet. ...
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Madonna and Guy Ritchie Sink to New Low. Allegedly.
hecklerspray - Los Angeles,USA
But what Brian seems to fail to understand is that Madge may well need that extra funding for more kabbalah classes, lectures and mind-control seminars, ...
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Why Osama is hooked on classics
Globe and Mail - Canada
There is a medieval Hebrew version called mosaic style - for the way Bible quotes are laid into it - that I once studied in Israel with Kabbalah scholar ...
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By kabbalahthoughts
There is a rule that the body does not feel a thing that is coercive, as it is built by way of correction. And the correction is that the servitude, too, should be in the form of love, as this is the purpose of the Dvekut, ...
Kabbalah Thoughts - http://kabbalahthoughts.wordpress.com

What Do a Healthy Mind and Body Have to Do With Kabbalah?
By bbadmin
My Answer: If a person is mentally sane, then Kabbalah will solve his psychological problems. But if he is mentally ill (his brain does not function properly), then he cannot study Kabbalah. In this case I would advise doing more things ...
Laitman.com - http://www.laitman.com

Article - The First Degree when One Is Born
In The Zohar, Mishpatim (p 4, item 11 in the Sulam commentary), it is written as follows: “Come and see, when a person is born, he is given Nefesh from the side of the beast, the side of purity, from the side of those called “Holy ...
Kabbalah Library - http://www.kabbalah.info/eng

dracoafricanis : Reading the Kabbalah over the shoulder of the ...
By bounder
dracoafricanis : Reading the Kabbalah over the shoulder of the gentleman next to me on the train. Published by, Published by xFruits. Original source : http://twitter.com/dracoafricanis/statuses/8810050
Tweets on the train - http://tweetsonthetrain.wordpress.com

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The Past Was Up to the Creator, But the Future Is Up to You
By bbadmin
Laitman.com Post: Stop Thinking About the Past! Laitman.com Post: Kabbalists Aren’t Interested In History Laitman.com Post: Look Forward, Only Forward Laitman.com Post: Disasters and Diseases Come to an End When Humanity Unites Above ...
Laitman.com - http://www.laitman.com

Introducing Laitman.com
By rss@sevenload.com (ARIFilms)
Rav Michael Laitman, PhD sets the platform for his personal blog - Laitman.com - which hosts his daily posts answering questions from the public and students, giving Kabbalah's response to what's in the news, spiritual impressions of a ...
Neue Bilder und Videos bei sevenload - http://de.sevenload.com/rss/neue

By Kabbalite(Kabbalite)
... our soul also functions for the well being of All! Now we just need to feel it as One. more... kabbalah,spirituality,michael+laitman,ancient,teachings,nature,science,love,eternity,wisdom,perception,reality,education.
kabbalite - http://kabbalite.blogspot.com/

The Sixth Sense
For More Info: http://www.laitman.com The wisdom of Kabbalah allows one to discover a new sensory organ with which to perceive the complete and perfect reality.
Revver Media RSS - http://revver.com

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